Spring 2020 Scholarships

Our senior scholarship submission for spring of 2020 closed on May 1st. We appreciate everyone who applied and we can't wait to announce our winners. Stay tuned!

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

Daniel Gomez                                                      James Widner                                                    Allison Miller
Community/VoTech: $2,000                              SEF Academic: $2,500                                     SEF Academic: $2,500                      
Helayna Barber                                                        Landry Hunter                                                   Grace Leitch
Fine Arts: $1,000                                                     TC Lupton: : $2,500                                          Fine Arts: $1,000

            Griffin Shoemaker                                             Mary Kate Hisaw
             Fine Arts: $1,000                                         Ronnie Henderson: $2,500


2017-2018 Scholarship Winners

Haylee Vike                                              Madison Wilson                                      Nicole Stafford                                   Sarah Abraham
CC/VO-Tech: $2000                                 Fine Arts: $1,000                                     TC Lupton: $2,500                              Fine Arts: $1,000

Sharon Shaji                                          Suzanne Thomas                                   Vivian Tang                                          Caleb English
SEF Academic: $2,500                          SEF Academic: $2,500                           Fine Arts: $1,000                                 Ronnie Henderson: $2,500

2016-2017 SEF Scholarship Winners

Nathan Blackley
Ronnie Henderson Community Service Scholarship
$2,700 sponsored by SEF $1,000, PTA $1,000, Sunnyvale Garden Club $500 and Metzger family $200

Radhika Nune
TC Lupton Leadership: $2,500

Aleah Fredrickson
SEF Academic Scholarship: $2,500

Jordan Griffin
SEF Academic Scholarship: $2,500

2015-2016 SEF Scholarship Winners

Sachin George, Lydia Phillips and Corey Crenshaw

2014 SEF Scholarship Winners

2013 SEF Scholarship Winners

Hunter Kennedy, Delanee Clark, Sharon Joseph
TC Lupton Leadership: $2,500

SEF Announces 1st Winners of the Miller Agri-Centric Grant

The Tom & Barbara Miller

Agri-Centric Grants

Benefitting Sunnyvale High School's FFA and Agri-Science SAE Programs

Molly Moss - Rabbits $200

Lindsey Quiroz - Internship $100

Kaily Graham - Goat $300

Malorie Layton - Heifer $300

Nathan Duckworth - Pigs $500

Roxanna Rubio - Internship $100

The Tom & Barbara Miller Agri-Centric Grants are administered by the Sunnyvale Education Foundation.

2012 SEF Scholarship Winners

Audrey Davis, Ryne Zmolik, Bianca Sierra
TC Lupton Leadership: $2,500

2011 SEF Scholarship Winners

Sybil Jacob, Jacob Setser, Rebecca Varkey
TC Lupton Leadership: $2,500