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Information about our senior scholarship submission will be provided in the spring of 2020. Please check back then.

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

Daniel Gomez                                                      James Widner                                                    Allison Miller
Community/VoTech: $2,000                              SEF Academic: $2,500                                     SEF Academic: $2,500                      
Helayna Barber                                                        Landry Hunter                                                   Grace Leitch
Fine Arts: $1,000                                                     TC Lupton: : $2,500                                          Fine Arts: $1,000

            Griffin Shoemaker                                             Mary Kate Hisaw
             Fine Arts: $1,000                                         Ronnie Henderson: $2,500


2017-2018 Scholarship Winners

Haylee Vike                                              Madison Wilson                                      Nicole Stafford                                   Sarah Abraham
CC/VO-Tech: $2000                                 Fine Arts: $1,000                                     TC Lupton: $2,500                              Fine Arts: $1,000

Sharon Shaji                                          Suzanne Thomas                                   Vivian Tang                                          Caleb English
SEF Academic: $2,500                          SEF Academic: $2,500                           Fine Arts: $1,000                                 Ronnie Henderson: $2,500

2016-2017 SEF Scholarship Winners

Nathan Blackley
Ronnie Henderson Community Service Scholarship
$2,700 sponsored by SEF $1,000, PTA $1,000, Sunnyvale Garden Club $500 and Metzger family $200

Radhika Nune
TC Lupton Leadership: $2,500

Aleah Fredrickson
SEF Academic Scholarship: $2,500

Jordan Griffin
SEF Academic Scholarship: $2,500

2015-2016 SEF Scholarship Winners

Sachin George, Lydia Phillips and Corey Crenshaw

2014 SEF Scholarship Winners

2013 SEF Scholarship Winners

Hunter Kennedy, Delanee Clark, Sharon Joseph
TC Lupton Leadership: $2,500

SEF Announces 1st Winners of the Miller Agri-Centric Grant

The Tom & Barbara Miller

Agri-Centric Grants

Benefitting Sunnyvale High School's FFA and Agri-Science SAE Programs

Molly Moss - Rabbits $200

Lindsey Quiroz - Internship $100

Kaily Graham - Goat $300

Malorie Layton - Heifer $300

Nathan Duckworth - Pigs $500

Roxanna Rubio - Internship $100

The Tom & Barbara Miller Agri-Centric Grants are administered by the Sunnyvale Education Foundation.

2012 SEF Scholarship Winners

Audrey Davis, Ryne Zmolik, Bianca Sierra
TC Lupton Leadership: $2,500

2011 SEF Scholarship Winners

Sybil Jacob, Jacob Setser, Rebecca Varkey
TC Lupton Leadership: $2,500